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Aquarian Weekly

Bang for your buck

by Kari Vander Weit

Some Hear Explosions is an uber-confident foursome from California with a female lead vocalist. Inspired by the likes of No Doubt, the young group brings a provocative edge to modern rock with a splash of grunge. If you're looking for something new, give them a try at The National Underground on Sept 25th. 7pm. For More info go to

Video Blog Ep. 3 – El Corazon in Seattle, WA

Seattle gave us grunge fever and left people questioning whether Ambre was a singer or a stripper due to the convenient pole in the middle of the stage.  Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Dang, Denver

before anything, i must say- i'm extremely disappointed with alex gallner for not giving me my due credit on frank's amazing corn rows in the photo in his last entry.  that was a half hour of my life and an epic win when he wailed with them on stage.  also, we're currently driving through crazy pouring rain in nebraska so if we die, someone please salvage this machine and post this as my last words. back to denver.  dang, denver.  i had no idea you're so down with getting weird.  the show was great but alex already  touched on that so let me give you a little insight on the afterparty.  WARNING: THE REST OF THIS ENTRY MAY INCLUDE CONTENT INAPPROPRIATE FOR LITTLE BABY BEARS :) we ventured to a little establishment called "the shag lounge" with some of bay's old friends and the hollywood handjobs, excuse me, heartthrobs (some queer explosions are going to miss them something fierce for the next 10 days).  the atmosphere was slightly confusing- a bunch of hipsters in a seemingly hip-hop bar- but rad.  there was a little dance battle circle going down the entire time that i definitely took advantage of after a few cocktails.  sadly, no one brought in the flip cam to capture me partaking in a new style of dance that i'm calling "aerobic crumping," but i did capture this tyte critter getting down with the floor at the end of the night with my phone: after  the beverages stopped flowing we waited outside for a little and had the pleasure of witnessing this interesting young lady seemingly flirting (but mostly trying to score some C 17 H 21 NO 4) with the heartthrob, benjamin thurston.  she'd apparently spent the better part of the evening hopping from male to male in her search to continue abusing illegal substances.  i couldn't resist... finally, teddy (HH drummer) tried to alert her to her wardrobe malfunction: i promise we're not malicious human beings but this gal was just obscene and would not leave!  i wish i could've captured her more accurately, perhaps a snippet of her pole dancing would've painted a clearer picture (then again, who am i to dog pole dancing after our seattle show with that rude pole in the middle of the stage?)  after an open invitation to join her was declined, she informed us she would be retiring to her bed around the corner, presumably outside.  DANG, DENVER! <3 a l

On the road again... From Denver to Des Moines

Ambre and Frank from Hollywood Heartthrob

Ambre and Frank from Hollywood Heartthrob

I'm sitting in the van with the band.  Denver was awesome. We had some technical difficulties and I re-ripped my pants but we still had a ton of fun rockin' out.  The opening band, Calling Out West was incredible.  I was really impressed with their set and I'm stoked because they gave me a CD.  I can't wait to pop it in for this long journey to Des Moines.  After the show I witnessed what I thought was going to become a bum fight.  Epic. This trip has been so amazing and we've met so many cool people.  We're all excited to keep moving but I'd be lying if I said we weren't a little bummed that Hollywood Heartthrob isn't on the lineup with us until Ohio.  They are our homies and we're gonna miss partying with them.  I finally finished editing the Seattle video.  I'll post that as soon as I get some decent WIFI. Love you all. ~Alex

Video Blog Ep. 2 – Peter's Room at Roseland in Portland, OR – 9/5/2010

At long last - episode 2 of  video blog! We met so many rad people in Portland as you shall see :)

Makin' Waves in Boise

Some Hear Explosions, Hollywood Heartthrob, LOP nation

The gang at a bar in Boise.

Oh boy.  What a motley crew we are rolling with.  Last night we all went out in Boise and of course some drunk idiot tried to fight one of us.  He backed down though.  Fight Club had it right.  It really is hard to get into a fight... unless you're my brother Josh.  Well everyone is safe and sound and pumped for the show tonight.  We can't wait to rock Boise!

Helloooo Seattle...

Some Hear Explosions in Seattle

Some Hear Explosions in Seattle

Wow, we are having fun. It almost seems like a dream. Last night we went out with LOP and Hollywood Heartthrob in downtown Seattle. There was a miniature schnauzer literally sitting at the bar named Clive Barker. Tallllllll from LOP hooked it up with a really nice room at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. These are some seriously nice people. Right now we are 'Idiot Checking' the hotel room to make sure we don't leave anything behind. We're gonna go around town with some of the street teamers and see if we can't pack El Corrazon tonight! Stay tuned for video from Portland!

Video Blog Ep. 1 - Slim's in San Francisco, CA - 9/3/2010

We proudly present the first episode of our video blog. First stop, San Francisco. Enjoy.

Slim's Heard Explosions

Slim's in San Francisco

Slim's in San Francisco

Back in the van and heading out of San Francisco.  Last night was really fun and a great way to kick off the tour.  Big thanks to everyone working at Slim's.  They treated us like rockstars.  We finally got to meet the bands and everyone is super nice.  It's such a relief because we're going to be spending a lot of time with these guys over the next couple of months. Hollywood Heartthrob started the show off with tons of energy... talk about stage presence.  I was really impressed.  We felt pretty good about our set and the crowd seemed to dig it.  LOP capped it off like the pros they are.  I was also really lucky and got to see some really good friends of mine that I hadn't seen in ages.  I'm going to start editing down this video for you guys... I promise =)

On the Road... FINALLY!!!

Bay and Alex Trying to Stay Connected

Bay and Alex Trying to Stay Connected

Man, I don't know if I've ever been so excited and so tired at the same time.  We are all finally sitting in the van together, on our way to San Francisco and the reality of this tour is starting to hit me.  I feel like we endured so many obstacles to get here and now it's all finally happening!  Bay and I are in the back, typing away, making sure everyone hears explosions.  Joe volunteered to drive this first stretch.  Thank goodness he did, because if we were relying on my to drive I might just fall asleepppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp.  Ugh... sorry... nodded off for a second!  Ambre is up in the front seat reading us lines from 50 Cent's twitter account.  Speaking of twitter accounts... FOLLOW US! We love to chat it up with you guys.