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On the road again... From Denver to Des Moines

Ambre and Frank from Hollywood Heartthrob

Ambre and Frank from Hollywood Heartthrob

I'm sitting in the van with the band.  Denver was awesome. We had some technical difficulties and I re-ripped my pants but we still had a ton of fun rockin' out.  The opening band, Calling Out West was incredible.  I was really impressed with their set and I'm stoked because they gave me a CD.  I can't wait to pop it in for this long journey to Des Moines.  After the show I witnessed what I thought was going to become a bum fight.  Epic. This trip has been so amazing and we've met so many cool people.  We're all excited to keep moving but I'd be lying if I said we weren't a little bummed that Hollywood Heartthrob isn't on the lineup with us until Ohio.  They are our homies and we're gonna miss partying with them.  I finally finished editing the Seattle video.  I'll post that as soon as I get some decent WIFI. Love you all. ~Alex

Video Blog Ep. 2 – Peter's Room at Roseland in Portland, OR – 9/5/2010

At long last - episode 2 of  video blog! We met so many rad people in Portland as you shall see :)

Makin' Waves in Boise

Some Hear Explosions, Hollywood Heartthrob, LOP nation

The gang at a bar in Boise.

Oh boy.  What a motley crew we are rolling with.  Last night we all went out in Boise and of course some drunk idiot tried to fight one of us.  He backed down though.  Fight Club had it right.  It really is hard to get into a fight... unless you're my brother Josh.  Well everyone is safe and sound and pumped for the show tonight.  We can't wait to rock Boise!

Helloooo Seattle...

Some Hear Explosions in Seattle

Some Hear Explosions in Seattle

Wow, we are having fun. It almost seems like a dream. Last night we went out with LOP and Hollywood Heartthrob in downtown Seattle. There was a miniature schnauzer literally sitting at the bar named Clive Barker. Tallllllll from LOP hooked it up with a really nice room at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. These are some seriously nice people. Right now we are 'Idiot Checking' the hotel room to make sure we don't leave anything behind. We're gonna go around town with some of the street teamers and see if we can't pack El Corrazon tonight! Stay tuned for video from Portland!

Video Blog Ep. 1 - Slim's in San Francisco, CA - 9/3/2010

We proudly present the first episode of our video blog. First stop, San Francisco. Enjoy.

Slim's Heard Explosions

Slim's in San Francisco

Slim's in San Francisco

Back in the van and heading out of San Francisco.  Last night was really fun and a great way to kick off the tour.  Big thanks to everyone working at Slim's.  They treated us like rockstars.  We finally got to meet the bands and everyone is super nice.  It's such a relief because we're going to be spending a lot of time with these guys over the next couple of months. Hollywood Heartthrob started the show off with tons of energy... talk about stage presence.  I was really impressed.  We felt pretty good about our set and the crowd seemed to dig it.  LOP capped it off like the pros they are.  I was also really lucky and got to see some really good friends of mine that I hadn't seen in ages.  I'm going to start editing down this video for you guys... I promise =)
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Staying Connected

This tour is fast approaching and we're excited to see you all on our journey across the country. We've been racing around and working hard to put together a show we know you'll love. We'll be keeping a tour blog so you can be a part of this crazy ride. Be sure to follow us on twitter (@hearexplosions) as well. We're going to be giving out some free stuff like tickets to our shows... Even the ones that are sold out! We got a flip cam so we'll be posting videos. Everyone please check out the somehearexplosions channel on YouTube and subscribe to our shenanigans. We can't wait to see you!

SOME HEAR EXPLOSIONS Kick Off Fall Tour with LIGHTS OVER PARIS; Offer Free Download

Some Hear Explosions, the collective team of ex-The Mercy Kiss guitarist/vocalist Bay Dariz and singer Ambre Leigh along with the combined rhythm section of Alex Gallner on bass and Joe Herrera on drums, has exploded onto the music scene with an innovative sound and a debut album entitled 'It’s Our Time Now'. In support, the band will take their live act on the road, supporting Lights Over Paris.

Read the full article at - click here... reviews "It's Our Time Now"

Ambre Leigh of Some Hear Explosions performs at Viper Room

With a combination of aggressive and sensual melodies, “It’s Our Time Now” is a confident debut album that compliments Bay Dariz’s hard and heavy guitar with Ambre Leigh’s sultry yet bold vocals. And she sings every note like she means it, especially from the emotional ballad, ‘Too Forgiving’ to the infectious ‘Beep.' And with the dance hall crashing, "Baby Won't Kiss You (kiss my lips)," S.H.E. showcases their electro/pop side proving their musical range isn't confined to just rock. It’s this delicate transition from hard rock to beautiful ballads to electro/pop that makes Some Hear Explosions appeal to their fans.

Read the full review at - click here...
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Fall Tour!

We're gearing up for our Fall Tour w/ Lights Over Paris!  For more information, visit our tour page.  Tickets are selling out fast so hurry up and get them while you still can.  We can't wait to see you!