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Meet Some Hear Explosions

What others are saying about Some Hear Explosions

“One of The Sunset Strip’s best and brightest" -

"Some Hear Explosions could easily slide into the play list of any alt-rock radio station." -

"With the attitude of Garbage and hypnotic melodies of Portishead, Some Hear Explosions do have a sound all their own. Overlap their music to any X-Games slo-mo montage and you get a sense of what Some Hear Explosions sounds like – a whole lot of danger mixed in with the euphoria of flying high. It's also how S.H.E. plays - adrenaline-fueled with no safety-net." -

"the flavor of David Bowie, the angst-y yells of Marilyn Manson and the edge of early Garbage all in one extremely fashionable package." -

"Anyone who has ever listened to classic rock and wondered what it would sound like with a strong female lead and in your face, heart pumping melodies will find delight in Some Hear Explosions" -

"Goldfrapp meets T. Rex" - CDBaby Music Discovery Podcast


Ambre Leigh - vocals
Bay Dariz - vocals, guitar, bass, keys
Alex Gallner - bass
Joe Herrera - drums

An explosion. You can see it. You can hear it. You can feel it. It shakes things up. It changes them. These are the qualities intrinsic to the Los Angeles-based trio, Some Hear Explosions. They aren't dabbling with decibels, they're creating a force; an energy. They won't settle for their audience to merely "hear" their music, they need them to experience it.

Perhaps it was coincidence that Bay Dariz and Ambre Leigh grew up in the same city without becoming friends, but it must have been fate that brought them together 2,000 miles away in LA. When Bay’s former band, The Mercy Kiss, disbanded, something drove him to make a female acquaintance his first call, remembering that she’d once off-handedly expressed envy for his rock n' roll pursuits. Ambre had never written a full song and hadn't sung publicly since she was a child, but it didn't take much coaxing for her to give it another shot. The duo penned their first track/mission statement “It’s Our Time Now” in early 2008 and the chemistry was undeniable.

"Once we had a few songs, I realized it sounded like nothing I’d ever done before. Not only was I pushing myself in different musical directions, but Ambre and I have very different tastes in music. Where our sensibilities converge is what we sound like.” That resulting sound is innovative and dynamic: the kind of sexy, sultry music that also somehow manages to rock a lot harder than you would expect. One of Ambre's favorite assessments of their sound came from a producer/songwriter who said they were "like the love child of Garbage and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs."

In 2009, they recorded an attention-grabbing three-song demo with producer Michael “USA Mike” Eisenstein, the former guitarist of Letters to Cleo. This opened the floodgate for their next year of successes: the completion of their lineup with drum virtuoso Joe Herrera, shows in front of thousands at Milwaukee's Summerfest, placement of several of their songs in feature films, and the release of their self-produced motto, turned full-length record, "It's Our Time Now." The buzz surrounding the band earned them a spot on a nationwide tour where they had the chance to perfect the hurricane that is their live show in front of rabid audiences from coast-to-coast.

To say SHE's performances exude a certain energy is a gross understatement. Ambre Leigh has been described as "a modern day Pat Benatar" and "what Deborah Harry would look like if she was a young post-punk-pop-rocker today on amphetamines that were washed down with Red Bull." This vivacity, accompanied by self-built, touch-sensitive light boxes, movie themes, blood, sweat, tears, and kisses, are what truly set their live show apart, and transcend it from a simple concert to an all-encompassing experience.

The group is currently recording demos for their next release in Los Angeles, and collaborating with the best, brightest, and ballsiest in the business. "Some" aren't nearly enough. It's time for everyone to hear explosions.