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May 22, 2013 Posted by admin in Blog, News, Tour, Video

Some Hear Explosions- "The Wild Heart of Mine " on Viper Room TV

Review of SHE Valentine's Show at The Viper Room

Some Hear Explosions Valentine show - Band photo 1

"With their oozing sex appeal and eye-popping stage presence, if there was any band meant to play on Valentine's Day it's Some Hear Explosions. And if you've seen Some Hear Explosions live, then you'll understand me when I say you'll never see the same show twice. Known for their high energy shows and visual and often times theatrical performances, S.H.E. tailors each show to fit the occasion. It was a Halloween show when lead singer Ambre Leigh was possessed by a demon as bandmates performed an exorcism on stage. Monday night's pre-Valentine's show was set to a Romeo & Juliet theme, ending tragically with poison and gunfire. But through all the theatrics, not lost was their alt-rock explosiveness that S.H.E. is famous for as they performed songs from their debut album It's Our Time Now".

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SHE to Celebrate Valentine's Day at The Viper Room

Come honor the martyrdom of the Saint Valentines with Some Hear Explosions on the eve of Valentine's Day at The Viper Room!

Wear something red and get in for only 5 bucks ♥

8pm - The Modern Past
9pm - Rumor Has It
10pm - We Are The Arsenal
12am - Kid Hollywood

A Special Holiday Gift For You From SHE!

Listen to our rock/n/roll cover of the Christmas classic "Little Drummer Boy" we recorded just for you!

You can click the little down arrow on the right side to download it as well to play it in your car or one horse open sleigh!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at SHE! We can't wait to see you again in the new year :)

SOME HEAR EXPLOSIONS "Little Drummer Boy" Christmas cover song by Some Hear Explosions

Happy Halloween from S.H.E.! Watch The Exorcism of Ambre Leigh

Ambre Leigh wasn't quite herself at the Viper Room on October 28th, 2011. Luckily Bay and Alex were skilled in these matters. Happy Halloween!

Special thanks to Brian King for documenting the experience! Review of The Exorcism of Ambre Leigh Live at The Viper Room

It's Halloween EVERY DAY on the Sunset Strip but last Friday saw a bit more ghosts, witches and zombies lurking around - more so than usual. But if you thought the Viper Room was a safe haven from all the ghouls outside, you were wrong. Some Hear Explosions provided the evening's scariest set with Bay Dariz, Alex Gallner and Joe Herrera dressed as priests and lead singer Ambre Leigh playing the demon-bride in need of a little TLC.

Who would've known that an exorcism could be this fun or this sexy? Some Hear Explosions' Halloween themed show at The Viper Room could've easily been the musical version of The Exorcist - a battle between good and evil, complete with punk-rock priests, projectile vomit and an evil-possessed Ambre Leigh. Top that off with a soaring soundtrack that will exorcise the demons to come out to dance and sing and you've got yourself a nice Exorcist-rock-opera that is sure to make your head spin.

As usual, Some Hear Explosions put on a great show. It's hard to take your eyes off Ambre Leigh, even with a blood-soiled nightgown and creepy, devilish eyes. But in the end, the power of that holy music, known as their debut album, It's Our Time Now, won out and released Ambre Leigh from the chains of darkness, emerging reborn as the sonic angel we've grown to love.

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Meet Some Hear Explosions

Meet the members of Some Hear Explosions as they discuss their band and future plans.

Includes clips and live performances of the songs "It's Our Time Now", "Dead End Prom Queen", and "Beep"

Created by Brian King

Halloween at The Viper Room Oct 28th

Join SHE at The Viper Room October 28th for a special Halloween performance. Wear your scariest costumes! SHE is on at 9pm sharp, but get there early! Message to get details on the guestlist/discount list!

SHE to play Club Moscow in Hollywood

SHE is playing their Club Moscow debut with Black Party Politics, Nightmare & the Cat, Falling Still!

Doors at 930pm, SHE on at 10pm!

Cover: FREE Before 10:30p with flyer /$10 All Night review of Viper Room show 8.22.11


I was fortunate to catch Some Hear Explosions at The Viper room. Before the curtains rose at the Viper Room to reveal Some Hear Explosions, you could already sense the brewing excitement in the packed venue with Sunset Strip rocker royalty Barb Wire Dolls and The Shakers' Jodie Schell in attendance. It's been a little bit over a year now since SHE released their debut album "It's Our Time Now." Now, primed to release their sophomore effort, they return to The Viper Room to try out new songs and a new look. And literally taking their show a step further, their new look was a visual entrancing stage show, complete with light boxes that lit up to the touch that was wrapped around volcanic riffs and shout-along choruses. And with an added 20-foot catwalk, it was enticing enough to unleash lead singer Ambre Leigh from the confines of the Viper stage to prowl freely, nearly kicking Vivace blogger's camera, while lashing out her booming vocals on crowd favorites such as "It's Our Time Now" and "Give/Take." Always the party atmosphere at SHE shows, Mulhollands guitarists even joined the fun onstage, playing guitar on a couple songs.

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