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Video Blog Ep. 10 - The Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL

SHE ventures on to Chicago where they stop by Fearless Radio, nom on Chicago dogs (they just call them hot dogs there), and beat up the Beat Kitchen.


Directed by Sam Young.

Starring Ambre Leigh, Bay Dariz, Alex Gallner, Joe Herrera, and their close friends Laura Catalina Ortiz, Chris Coy, Kyle Gallner, Amy Macdonald, Steve McQuaide, Kyle Tilbury, Jasmine Safaeian, Jesse Egan, and D-Loc Brown.

The End of the Page reviews "It's Our Time Now"

Rating: 9 out of 10

Los Angeles is a mecca for up-and-coming rock bands looking to make their name in the ever changing musical landscape. Many roam these streets from one dive bar to the next, coating the pavement with their sweat, pain and tears, paying dues the industry seemingly demands for any type of future recognition. Then the moment comes when their hooks floats into the ears of one random person, sending a jolt straight into their brain because they know it’s something special, something unique, and most importantly, something completely marketable. One phone call later the ball rolls and those lucky musicians are on their way, granting their early fan base the snooty (but amazingly fun) ability of saying, “I knew them before they were huge.” If you’ve never experienced the sheer joy of holding your musical knowledge above those of other mere mortals, follow along and I’ll give you that opportunity right now.

Some Hear Explosions is a goth/pop/rock fusion outfit that brings the flavor of David Bowie, the angst-y yells of Marylin Manson and the edge of early Garbage all in one extremely fashionable package. Catchy hooks ride on an electronic pulse, bouncing their way through the album, one moment making you crave seeing those fists pumping in the air, then the next moment taking it down a notch, displaying heart and thoughtfulness sometimes lost in modern-day radio play.

Making up the band are Bay Dariz, Ambre Leigh and Joe Herrera. Dariz and Leigh wrote much of the music together and their collaboration has definitely borne tasty fruit for music lovers everywhere. Dariz is all over the instrumental map playing guitar, bass, keys and programming, on top of lending his vocals, which bears a creepy and high-quality resemblance to Marylin Manson (just a touch happier). Leigh takes control of the mic as lead vocalist. Her sound brings images in my head of beautiful femme fatales from the film noir days of the twenties, gangster ladies stepping out of darkened cars wearing black suits and black hats, controlling everyone around them with a simple word from their lips. Herrera keeps it all on track on the drums, knowing internally when to pound down and bring the pain and when to gently tap the skins and bring things back from the rocker’s edge.

Getting down to the track level, there are a number of songs that deserve mention, but the one that I played on repeat when I first got the album was Beep. Insanely catchy, Beep stands out to me as an instant single that should climb almost any radio chart lucky enough to have it listed. It has the hook, the chorus and the rhythmic movement that all make for a great track. Hell A on the other hand delivers solid rock power and a lyrical kick making it not only a stand out on the album, but one to certainly look forward to during live gigs. It could also very well become a mantra for those who have the grand fortune (or misfortune) to actually call this infamous town home.

On the softer side, we have become ever-so-used-to the idea that all rock bands must provide a ballad on their album, something to sweeten those delicate ears who would normally avoid anything on the stereo missing the word “lite”. Those perfunctory tracks, padded in aural downy softness, can often come off as forced and almost trite, but this time we are lucky listeners indeed. Amazing is delicate, relaxed, honest and memorable, making it everything that people love when they’re sitting in their car, stuck in their cubicle or just having that glass of wine in their living room. It instantly makes you think of that person, that time in your life and connects those frayed moments back together, if only for a short period of time. Other notable tracks filling out the album are the marching beat of All Your Gravity, the dark corner romance of Baby Won’t You (kiss my lips) and the slithering sonic smackdown of the album’s moniker, It’s Our Time Now.

If you like what you hear from their site or on iTunes, check their schedule because they just might be swinging through your town soon. Take the opportunity while you have it because next time the tickets won’t be so easy to come by.

The End of the Page Recommendation: From top to bottom, It’s Our Time Now by Some Hear Explosions is a wicked debut album from a band destined and determined to make it.

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Video Blog Ep. 9 - Warehouse in La Crosse, WI

SHE goes to La Crosse, Wisconsin climbs up a bunch of stairs, plays a rock show and then climbs down those stairs.

Video Blog Ep. 8 – The Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee, WI

SHE goes to Milwaukee, the home town of Bay and Ambre. Drunken debauchery ensues. Joe fights a girl, we learn how to sign "Some Hear Explosions" in sign language, and Bay counts the band fund. "It's Our Time Now" Album Review

The debut album from rock/goth band Some Hear Explosions is comprised of a lot of different influences that are wrapped together in a nice little first time effort from the foursome of Bay Dariz (guitars/vocals), Ambre Leigh (vocals), Alex Gallner (bass) and Joe Herrera (drums).

What’s even more impressive is how the band got together. When Dariz’s group The Mercy Kiss disbanded, the musician called on his friend Leigh with hopes she would be interested in fronting a new band. After that, the duo added drummer Herrera; hence, Some Hear Explosions, or S.H.E, was born.

At first listen, “It’s Our Time Now” sounds a little like Fiona Apple on steroids. Leigh’s command of the microphone, like Apple, forces listeners to pay attention to the lyrics and the engaging playing behind her. As the album plays on, the band begins to display its identity as it shifts into many different influences such as No Doubt, David Bowie and at some parts Marilyn Manson.

However, even with their musical heroes incorporated into the music, Some Hear Explosions still maintains its individuality.

“Explode,” “Beep,” and “Shotgun Romance” are all potential hits with the rest of the album a solid go around. There seems to be something in the water when it comes to bands fronted by strong females. Some Hear Explosions joins the ranks of The DollyrotsGirl In A Coma and Halestorm as the next edition in the forever changing musical landscape.

Anyone who has ever listened to classic rock and wondered what it would sound like with a strong female lead and in your face, heart pumping melodies will find delight in Some Hear Explosions’ “It’s Our Time Now.”

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Video Blog Ep. 7 – The House of Bricks in Des Moines, IA

"It's Our Time Now" Fall 2010 Tour featuring Some Hear Explosions and Lights Over Paris. SHE goes to Des Moines to the mall and seduces the russian population of Iowa before the smell from the dog food factory becomes too intense and they leave. Review of Roxy show

Ambre Leigh of Some Hear Explosions At one point in their set, Ambre Leigh of Some Hear Explosions seemed to apologize before singing their next song, “Beep” for being one of their "ballad’ songs. But by the end of the night in front of a sold out crowd at The Roxy, it was obvious to everyone that there was no need for an apology...

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Video Blog Ep. 6 – The Marquis Theater in Denver, CO

"It's Our Time Now" Fall 2010 Tour featuring Some Hear Explosions, Lights Over Paris, and Hollywood Heartthrob. SHE goes to Denver and battles the likes of burritos, homeless whores, and faulty wall sockets.

CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast

We were just featured in the CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast where they played "Give / Take", compare us to "Goldfrapp meets T. Rex" [a comparison we're totally OK with] and compliment our purple album artwork - give it a listen!