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March 31, 2011 Posted by admin in News, Tour

Acoustic Show April 10th in Milwaukee

On April 10th there will be a special acoustic performance by Bay and Ambre at Club Anything in Milwaukee. It's been awhile since we've done an acoustic show and the few rehearsals we managed to squeeze in have been a lot of fun! Expect old favourites as well as a bunch of new songs [and maybe even a surprise cover or two].

Anna Bohn and Adam Didier of OncetheSun and The Light Asylum, and Mark Allen of My Mourning Belle will also be playing acoustic sets so get there early!

Some Hear Explosions interview - Denver Music |

Some Hear Explosions is the collaborative effort of ex- The Mercy Kiss guitarist/vocalist Bay Dariz and singer Ambre Leigh along with the combined rhythm section of Alex Gallner on bass and Joe Herrera on drums. Since the band formed, they have received an influx of positive reviews and great opportunities- they played Milwaukee's Summerfest in 2009 and were featured (thanks to fan votes) on the festival's compilation CD, they've licensed some music for the films Lake Effect and Pound of Flesh, and recently released an album, It's Our Time Now, to much praise. Despite the band's busy schedule, I caught up with Dariz who opened up to me about writing music, playing in Denver, and rocking out to "Lady In Red".

What do you think about Denver? How do the fans treat you?

Denver was one of our favorite shows on the tour! We played with a great local opener named Calling Out West and we had a very fun, energetic crowd. We hung out downtown for many hours after the show with some friends we met in town and had an amazing time. Denver seems to have a really interesting music scene and I wouldn’t be surprised if some really great bands start exploding onto the national scene out of Denver.

Briefly explain the songwriting process to me.

Typically, I demo a bunch of song ideas and if Ambre responds to them, she starts writing lyrics. Then we track a more complete demo together and take it to rehearsal where Alex and Joe – our bassist and drummer – breathe real life into them. Often what inspires me to write the music and Ambre to write the lyrics are two totally different things. In the next record I’m hoping to get together with Ambre and plan more of a thematic arch ahead of time, but you can’t really plan too much when it comes to rock n roll.

What's the weirdest thing to inspire a song?

When someone hears our music, I want it to stir something within them, be it happiness, excitement, romance, or something decidedly more carnal. When I wrote the music for “Give / Take” I specifically wanted to write something that would sound great if you heard it in a strip club. That’s weird for me because I really don’t enjoy going to strip clubs.

If your music was the soundtrack to a movie, which one would it be?

We actually have songs in a few upcoming independent feature films (The Lake Effect and Pound of Flesh) so based on that I’d say it would be an indie drama with a definite dark side. I know I’d love for it to be a Darren Aronofsky film, and Ambre would probably veer more toward David Lynch.

What has been the defining moment of your career thus far?

Our defining moment so far was definitely our national tour in the fall of 2010. We had just released our debut album and just added our new bassist, and over the course of the 10,000+ miles we traveled we became the band we are today. We’d been working hard for two years and to finally be able to share our music with crowds all across the country was truly inspiring.

You’re at a karaoke bar and forced to sing one song- what's your go-to tune?

Actually, back in LA we hang out a karaoke bar all the time. No matter what song I sign up for, they always make me sing my number one jam “Lady in Red” by Chris De Burgh and everyone in the bar slow dances to it. To be fair, I really do love singing it, although I can’t remember why I chose to sing it in the first place.

If you were going to cover any album, by any band, from start to finish, which one would it be?

I’m sure we would all pick different albums and never be able to agree on one, but we often sing Jimmy Eat World together to warm up our voices before shows. I think we could do their Bleed American album some justice.

If you could have anyone in the world be your #1 fan, who would it be?

David Bowie. Thankfully, he’s still alive and well so there’s still some time to properly impress.

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Video Blog Ep. 15 – The Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ

The saga picks up right where it left off (well... 2, 500 miles or so away from where it left off) as SHE rages on to Scottsdale, AZ. A great show, a great after party, and an epic all-nighter lead to further character development of some of our Beeping friends who tagged along for the adventure

Video Blog Ep. 14 – The Long Road Home and Some Time Off

SHE minus Joe jams across the country on the 2,780-mile drive home from New York to Los Angeles. Back in lala land, they enjoy some time off before the last leg of the tour by attending the grand opening of the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, hanging with friends (some of whom also happen to be "Beep" music video costars), and enjoying the Circus Vargas.

Video Blog Ep. 13 – The National Underground in New York, NY

SHE bids adieu to their friends Lights Over Paris and Hollywood Heartthrob in New York, leaving a trail of empty mini-bar bottles and a few broken hearts at a nightclub with a petite violinist with hair as tall as herself. They catch cabs (poorly), fake orgasms in Katz's Deli, play an intimate set underground at the National Underground, and Alex loses his mind (hysterically) in Times Square and debuts "the private tour blog." Winner.

Video Blog Ep. 12 – The Basement in Columbus, OH

SHE butt(head)s their way into Ohio where a plane awards Alex with his first speeding ticket, Darlz "drinks himself gay" on stage with LOP, an accident keeps them within the state lines for 2.5 extra hours, and they play for some of the coolest kids ever in the Basement. Featuring a full performance of their "Mysterons" cover.

The Sunset Strip pick of the week - SHE!

Some Hear Explosions!? One of The Sunset Strip’s best and brightest takes the stage at the Viper Room on Tuesday, Dec. 7 along with Hollywood Heartthrob, EchoGram and Shawn Chrystopher. School yourself on some great local up and comers. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10.

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Video Blog Ep. 11 - Mac's Bar in Lansing, MI

SHE travels to Michigan where they crash with a ninja actor, explore detroit's masonic temple, throw breakfast burritos at bees, don't bathe, play an intimate show at Mac's Bar, finally bathe, visit a thundercat at his awesome video game job, and embarrass two of their youngest, cutest fans.

Video Blog Ep. 10 - The Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL

SHE ventures on to Chicago where they stop by Fearless Radio, nom on Chicago dogs (they just call them hot dogs there), and beat up the Beat Kitchen.

Video Blog Ep. 9 - Warehouse in La Crosse, WI

SHE goes to La Crosse, Wisconsin climbs up a bunch of stairs, plays a rock show and then climbs down those stairs.