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Video Blog Ep. 13 – The National Underground in New York, NY

SHE bids adieu to their friends Lights Over Paris and Hollywood Heartthrob in New York, leaving a trail of empty mini-bar bottles and a few broken hearts at a nightclub with a petite violinist with hair as tall as herself. They catch cabs (poorly), fake orgasms in Katz's Deli, play an intimate set underground at the National Underground, and Alex loses his mind (hysterically) in Times Square and debuts "the private tour blog." Winner.

Video Blog Ep. 12 – The Basement in Columbus, OH

SHE butt(head)s their way into Ohio where a plane awards Alex with his first speeding ticket, Darlz "drinks himself gay" on stage with LOP, an accident keeps them within the state lines for 2.5 extra hours, and they play for some of the coolest kids ever in the Basement. Featuring a full performance of their "Mysterons" cover.

Video Blog Ep. 11 - Mac's Bar in Lansing, MI

SHE travels to Michigan where they crash with a ninja actor, explore detroit's masonic temple, throw breakfast burritos at bees, don't bathe, play an intimate show at Mac's Bar, finally bathe, visit a thundercat at his awesome video game job, and embarrass two of their youngest, cutest fans.

Video Blog Ep. 10 - The Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL

SHE ventures on to Chicago where they stop by Fearless Radio, nom on Chicago dogs (they just call them hot dogs there), and beat up the Beat Kitchen.


Directed by Sam Young.

Starring Ambre Leigh, Bay Dariz, Alex Gallner, Joe Herrera, and their close friends Laura Catalina Ortiz, Chris Coy, Kyle Gallner, Amy Macdonald, Steve McQuaide, Kyle Tilbury, Jasmine Safaeian, Jesse Egan, and D-Loc Brown.

Video Blog Ep. 9 - Warehouse in La Crosse, WI

SHE goes to La Crosse, Wisconsin climbs up a bunch of stairs, plays a rock show and then climbs down those stairs.

Video Blog Ep. 8 – The Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee, WI

SHE goes to Milwaukee, the home town of Bay and Ambre. Drunken debauchery ensues. Joe fights a girl, we learn how to sign "Some Hear Explosions" in sign language, and Bay counts the band fund.

Video Blog Ep. 7 – The House of Bricks in Des Moines, IA

"It's Our Time Now" Fall 2010 Tour featuring Some Hear Explosions and Lights Over Paris. SHE goes to Des Moines to the mall and seduces the russian population of Iowa before the smell from the dog food factory becomes too intense and they leave.

Video Blog Ep. 6 – The Marquis Theater in Denver, CO

"It's Our Time Now" Fall 2010 Tour featuring Some Hear Explosions, Lights Over Paris, and Hollywood Heartthrob. SHE goes to Denver and battles the likes of burritos, homeless whores, and faulty wall sockets.

Video Blog Ep. 5 – Kilby Court in Salt Lake City, UT

SHE in SLC OMG! and PC for LOP. ya dig?

Our own show with Hollywood Heartthrob in the quaint backyard of awesomeness that was Kilby Court was more refreshing than cucumber water... and that's quite refreshing, guys.